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ECO First Time Central Heating Grants

The UK government’s Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) was introduced to help vulnerable homeowners and tenants across England, Scotland and Wales with the reduction of their energy bills.

The First Time Central Heating Grants team have been focused on ECO since it started in 2013. This website offers the latest ECO3 grant funding that was launched on the 1st October 2018. At First Time Central Heating Grants we are able to show you how to get a free or grant funded central heating system within the mainland and islands of England, Scotland and Wales.

If you receive one of the expanded qualifying benefits and your home have never had Mains Gas or Oil central heating then you may already be entitled to a brand-new A-rated central heating system.

The free first time central heating grants are funded by UK energy companies and do not need to be repaid. See if you qualify now.

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What is First Time Central Heating (FTCH)?

The ECO3 First Time Central Heating Scheme helps homeowners, landlords and tenants across the UK with the installation of central heating in their homes and properties that have never had central heating before.

Properties that qualify for the scheme include homes heated using electric boilers, inefficient electric storage heaters, electric panel fires and fan heaters, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) heaters from bottles and tanks, fossil fuel fires and room heaters, Wood and Biomass heaters. All are ideal for a free first time central heating installation.

All property types can be funded for free other than flats and maisonettes. However, if you live in have a small, terraced house that is already energy efficient then a contribution might be required that can be discussed with the surveyor.

Unfortunately, if your property is heated by a Mains Gas boiler, Oil boiler or Warm Air Blow system or has any radiators that have heated water in them then your property is not eligible for a First Time Central Heating grant. If this is the case, you might wish to try our sister company ‘New Boiler Grant’ for a new replacement grant boiler by clicking here.

The focus of all the grants is to improve the energy efficiency of homes and support vulnerable households.

Affordable Warmth Obligation (HHCRO)

First time central heating grants 2022

The Affordable Warmth Obligation is a part of ECO3 and also known as the Home Heat Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO).

As well as helping vulnerable people reduce their fuel consumption, it provides free grant funding of first time central heating and insultation to private homes and tenanted properties across England, Scotland and Wales.

HHCRO reduces fuel poverty amongst vulnerable and low-income households by ensuring that heat is generated as efficiently as possible and is prevented from escaping from the home.

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Good news!

Good news! - from the 1st October 2018, ECO3 was launched and removed the caps on household income making it much easier to qualify for FREE First Time Central Heating Grants 2022. In fact, as long as you are in receipt of certain benefits then the application is very simple.

Your property must be of a size and structure which is able to create sufficient savings to benefit from a first time central heating installation.

Also, the size of the grant depends on the type of the property you have and the number of bedrooms, wall type and the fuel being used to heat your home. In many cases the grant will cover the cost of new first time central heating in full.

Please note: If you have received a grant boiler in the past then the scheme cannot provide you with another one.


Didn’t qualify because your home already has a gas or oil central heating? We can still help, Click here

free boiler replacement grant

How much
can I save?

A new First Time Central Heating System consisting of a new A-rated boiler, thermostat and connected radiators throughout the property can cost on average circa £3,500 (October-2020).

But with the ECO grant you can receive all of this for free, or with a minor contribution. In addition, you can benefit significantly from on-going savings in your energy bills from the new energy efficient measures installed.

What type of FTCH
can be funded?

  • Mains Gas, LPG or Biomass Boilers
  • Air Source Heat Pump or Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Electric Boilers

Note: Most installations will be Mains Gas and LPG based postcode and Gas network availability.

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What Happens After you Qualify?

First Time Central Heating Scheme 2022

After you qualify, you will be referred to one of our authorised local installers. The installer will arrange a suitable date and time to proceed with a surveyor and first time central heating installation.

How "First Time Central Heating Grant" works ?

Government ECO Scheme

Why install First Time Central Heating?

If you do not have central heating throughout your property then we think most people would jump at the chance to have it - especially if it is arranged at no or minimal cost.

You may also wish to consider your health – Living in a generally cold and damp property is not good for your health and you can develop or worsen a respiratory disease such as asthma and pneumonia. Fungus may also grow on walls and generate air-bound spores adding to respiratory problems and allergies.

New heating systems are designed to be highly efficient, minimise carbon emissions and maximize energy savings. First Time Central Heating can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Less energy consumption will mean that your bills are also less. With energy bills becoming higher than ever, it is important your home is being heated at the lowest possible cost by your heating system.

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Friendly and experienced

Free boiler Since 2013, the First Time Central Heating Boiler Grants team has helped tens of thousands of people to gain an ECO grant, replacement boiler, and a heating and insultation based installation. We are very proud of this success and are keen to support you today.

From the minute you apply to us and are contacted by our friendly UK-based team, you will know that you are in good hands. Our whole focus is to put you at your ease, and deliver the right First Time Central Heating solution for you.

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